Step 21Sixt Car Rental Status Match

Sixt Car Rental Company is relatively new but offers great prices for a nice selection of vehicles. Sixt offers three membership tiers. When you sign up, you automatically become Sixt Express and each level afterwards is actually quite easy to obtain. To get to the next membership level which is their gold level, all you need to do is complete 3 rentals. After that, to get to their second to highest level which is Platinum, all you need to do is complete 10 rentals. They do have a Diamond Tier Level which can be obtained by invite only. For the purpose of this post, Sixt Car Rental will match your Hertz President’s Circle to Elite Platinum.
Sixt Platinum Card 2.png
To get started, make sure you are logged into your account and head on over to Sixt’s Help and Support Page where you will be presented with a number of options to choose from. Go ahead and choose “Other” from the top row of choices. Once you click “Other” you will be presented with a new row of choices, go ahead and choose Sixt Rewards (Miles and More). A form will appear to enter your details which some of the fields will already be pre-populated based on your profile. In the “Issue Description/Query” text field, go ahead and send them a message. Something along these lines below should work:


I just became a member on the Sixt website and am inquiring to see if there are any status match opportunities available. I have provided my Sixt membership number and my personal information along with my status from competing car rental agencies.

Member #
Competing Car Rental Agency:”
Hertz President’s Circle (Verification Badge is attached in this message)

Looking forward to your response!


Sixt Status Match Form.png

Once you have your text field completed with your message, there is a “add files” link in orange for you to upload your Hertz Card. Click send once all is completed. Here is a screenshot of everything we referred to in this post:

When we originally did this step, we did not hear back from Sixt and just monitored our account for about a week or so and noticed our account profile was noted as Sixt Platinum.

Benefits that Come with Sixt Platinum Membership Level

Once you have completed the status tier match with Sixt and received your Sixt Platinum Membership Tier you can start enjoying some of the perks listed below that come with the Sixt Platinum Membership Level:

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